‘ The image does not come after the project, nor does it come before it, the image is the project.                   
The image is imperfect, and that imperfection is what defines each material, each element. It is through the absence, what one material lacks from the other, that we recognise them.                    
The starting point of a software generated image is a perfect state of things; the base material is pristine white, the objects appear with an impossible geometric rigour.                   
Bringing these objects closer to the material or element that one seeks to represent, requires imperfection: making them untidy, broken, stained, the features that link them to the objects as we know them.                 
Deception and confusion are fundamental resources when constructing an image.’ -

ethandeclerk is a visualization office based in Buenos Aires, founded in 2020 by architects Jerónimo Bailat, Tomás Guerrini and Manuel Marcos.

Their field of work is the computerized representation of architecture, approached from a photographic and
techno-constructive point of view. Seeking to capture the beauty in the ordinary and the vulgar of the contemporary landscape, their practice extends to both teaching and research.

Founding an alliance with the agency jeudi.wang from Paris since 2021, they are known for collaborating with offices in Latin America, Europe and Oceania on projects of various scales, competitions and private commissions.